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10 days. This is the time it took me to understand that I was gone and to realize the magnitude of the adventure that awaited me.

Sunset on a beach in Sagres - Portugal. Photo by Corentin Barrial

Like a holiday feeling:

At first we had no idea what to expect. So we left as we used to go, as if on vacation. The first few days we take full advantage of the excitement and atmosphere of Portugal. We quickly meet two Canadians with whom we befriended during a Porto tasting.

It is for this kind of meeting that we left, this kind of moment when the chance leads us to a crossroads so surprising and so special. We therefore decided to follow our two friends who were spending ten days on vacation in southern Europe.

During the first days of our adventure, the superb landscapes and the delirious atmosphere of the cities of Portugal such as Lisbon or Lagos punctuate our days. We are amazed by almost everything we see and have a wonderful time. We are on vacation, we really needed it. The last few months have been busy with preparations and we needed to decompress. On this point, Portugal helped us brilliantly. But we can't live our whole life like a vacation or at least that's not what we were looking for with this project.

The click:

We are on September 24th on a beach not far from Lagos. Earlier in the morning we were saying goodbye to our two Quebec friends. We have just walked about ten kilometers with our bags on our backs and we collapse on the hot sand. Silence reigns, we are each in our own bubble.

I think of those days that have just passed and of our friends who have just left. Soon they will be at home. And me ? When am I going to get home? Where is my home? I do not know. Maybe I don't have any or at least not anymore. In reality I am here at home, on this beach with my backpack containing all my belongings. I left and now I am home wherever I want. 2 years of travel. This figure seems dizzying to me now, but at least I feel free. Free to leave a place I don't feel well enough in and free to settle in a place that suits me.

I am at home everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It's a strange feeling. Scary but at the same time very pleasant, so quietly on the beach I fall asleep because at the moment, I am here at home.


Publié le 5/13/2021


When I realised I was gone.


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