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Take ... Action! is an Erasmus plus youth exchange about social video making written and presented by the Italian association Legambiente.

Context :

Erasmus plus youth exchanges are training courses funded by Europe and using non-formal education to enable young Europeans aged from18 to 30 to acquire skills on a wide variety of topics. Generally, these trainings bring together young people from different European countries for a training course lasting several days in one of the partner countries. For more information you can consult the Erasmus plus jeunesse website .

"Take ... Action" is a 10-day youth exchange that took place in Lecco, Italy in August 2021. The objective of this exchange was for participants to acquire the skills to make an end-to-end social video (pre-production, production, post-production).

1. The basics of video making

Non formal education photography activity
A participant is taking some pictures

During the first days, the aim was first and foremost to break the ice and create a team spirit among the participants who did not know each other and came from very different countries and cultures. During the first sessions, activities were therefore carried out with this objective and quickly, the participants were able to integrate.

After this first phase common to all Erasmus plus youth exchanges, we were able to get to the heart of the matter. For those who are not familiar with non-formal education, the main difference with traditional education is that there is no teacher, but organisers who prepare activities in which participants learn by doing and sharing their knowledge.

We therefore organised activities focused on shooting with for example : "The billboard" where the idea is that each participant shows his vision of the world through a photo, and on storytelling with for example : the activity of the "blind director". As the project progressed we were able to enter more and more in the technical part but also to discuss on the influence of the media on our society from a socio-environmental point of view.

2. Make a social video

Non formal education activity
The participants during non formal education activities

After having approached the technical aspect of the video production in detail, in particular via the complete realisation of a short parody of "La dolce vita", it was time to question the social part of video making.

So we discussed several topics like the carbon footprint of the media, or how to make audiovisual content inclusive for the blind and visually impaired. We also had the opportunity to hold a round table with strong social impact documentary and fiction directors.

Finally, after all these activities to raise awareness on the importance of the content of our media, we had a meeting with some local associations so that the participants could apply what they had learned with real non-profit organisations.

3. The moment of truth

The participants therefore made a promotional videos for 4 different associations, doing pre-production, production and post-production in complete autonomy. After 3 days of intense work, a movie night was organised and all the associations that participated in the project were invited.

Erasmus plus dissemination night
The facilitators enjoy the cinema night

The presentation of the videos produced by our participants gave rise to a very beautiful evening after which each of the associations left with a video for their social networks or their website. As for the participants, they left this project with new friendships that will have been forged, skills useful for their personal and professional life and a great energy to transmit!

Does this project interest you ?

If you are interested in participating in this type of project, or in learning to create audiovisual content by practicing, do not hesitate to become a member of our association and we will offer you to participate FREELY in the youth exchanges of which we will be a partner, but also to help us at all stages of audiovisual content creation.


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Take... Action! : an Erasmus + youth exchange


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